About 4 Little Frogs

About 4 Little Frogs

4 Little Frogs is a daycare based in a detached house in the Dempsey Road area, just off of Holland Road.

Opened in 2010, 4 Little Frogs has provided a beautiful, caring, and safe environment for children for more than seven years.

Because there is no minimum monthly commitment, parents have found 4 Little Frogs to be a great way for their kids to ‘dip their toes’ in an educational environment before attending school full-time.

They learn to be away from their parents and helper which gives them a stepping stone to school.

4 Little Frogs also provides working or expecting parents with an alternative to relying solely on a helper for childcare when the need arises.


Why a daycare?

The reason I opened and operate 4 Little Frogs was that there are not a lot of nurseries which welcome young babies – and mums do occasionally need 1 or o more days’ break!

The monthly fees are also a concern as no one wants to pay for something they do not use, so being able to pay only when the child attends makes it fair.  Parents also often prefer a small, owner-run facility instead of a large corporation for childcare.

Each child has his or her own room and bed, and I adapt the schedule depending on the child.  The child never has to adapt their routine to mine.

Being French, I value healthy, balanced meals  and very good manners at table (which is the only rule I insist on!)

And, as we are in a tropical climate, hygiene protocol is very strict and for this reason the children do not sleep together.

But rather than read about the school, come for a visit. It is the best way to understand all that we have to offer!

Benedicte Martin

Madame Benedicte Martin is a French national who has always been passionate about childcare.

In 2010, she opened her stylish detached home to 4 Little Frogs and now enjoys hosting, playing with, and even cooking for children from 12 months to 3 years.

On a typical day, Mme Benedicte may be singing songs with children, reading stories, or even baking some French cuisine which satisfies even the pickiest eaters!

Please ask any questions you may have for her via the contact page, or book a visit and see the location for yourself.